Auditions for College and Conservatory

When Auditioning for admissions, it is important to choose the correct monologues to best show your abilities and potential.  It is also important to select material that is recognizable but not overdone. Monologues must be from published full length plays, and be of contrasting type (i.e. dramatic and comedic) In these sessions, I work with you to find the best monologues to show your range.  I then teach how to interpret the text, to embody and portray the character. ($50 per 1 hour session)

Auditions for Stage:

A stage audition requires the actor to make strong choices and to embody the character.  These being the main requirements, it is important that the actor is able to take direction.  All of these are skills that can be learned.  Stage auditions can come in several types, most commonly involving a monologue and/or readings from the script of the play.  We begin the same way as with the Auditions for College and Conservatory process and then move on to staged readings.  Once material is chosen and worked on, lessons evolve to include mock auditions. ($50 per 1 hour session)

Skype Coaching

If unable to meet in person, Skype coaching is a common choice for actors.  I offer this for actors wanting to work on audition material, from scene study to performance.  ($30 per 45 minute session)


This option is sometimes used for those who are unable to Skype (usually due to internet speed). It is also used if an actor would like to schedule a session just before an audition.  ($25 for 30 min session.)

  I have acted for ten years in NYC and have been on both sides of the audition process.  Throughout this time, I have learned what directors are looking for and how to strengthen auditioning skills.